To understand what one means; empathy, or similar experience to.
Ben: This morning I was so hungover that I couldn't move without wanting to die.

Joe: I feel that feel.
by Horsethief March 27, 2013
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The feeling of tenseness in your body and your toes curling when you're about to cum.
I almost started feeling the feeling when I saw that beautiful Italian girl sitting across from me on the bus.
by pentozali September 1, 2010
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a very bad song made in 2021. Do not listen to it or you will very likely die. Please jump of a bridge if you enjoy this song.
Your mom: howdy, have you heard the new song I feel like Naruto, I feel like hey ?

My mom: YES LMAO it's so bad. I f*cked your dad right after hearing that shit
by I hate p3nis November 22, 2021
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Boy 1: Hey! Have you listened to Fesch6's new song
Boy 2: No? What is it called.
Boy 1: "Naruto"
Boy 2: Fuck. i feel like naruto i feel like hey
Boy 1: Oh shit ncm
by Moaning alligaytor November 21, 2021
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Basically falling for someone. (Can also be used in negative way)
person1: "They make me feel feeling!"
person2: "I know right"

person1: "They make me feel feelings"
person2: "Dont you hate them?"
person1: "Yes they make my blood boil!"
by silenziobruno August 3, 2021
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