To have a large crap. Stems from the design of many rural Indian toilets which are located over pig sty's.
I'm off to feed the pigs!
That was a huge curry! The pigs will be happy!
by pig farmer October 31, 2007
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Working at a place of employment that requires little work. The time of which, is mostly spent surfing the net, watching internet TV, and instant messaging friends.
"Hey Chuck whats up?" "Not much Joe, just catching up on The Office and feeding the pig."
by Joe Snoop Dog June 17, 2008
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Receiving fellatio from a larger than average woman
Man I'm gonna be feeding the pig when Bertha comes over.
by TheClamster May 26, 2018
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When someone is worrying over something tiny that doesn't really affect anything, you would say they're feeding the pig. Usually, this means they're worried about another, bigger problem which they're subconsciously avoiding by focusing on this one.
Person 1: I can't decide between red and mauve lipstick, and I need to make the right impression or they won't hire me!

Person 2: Oh, stop feeding the pig.
by cantthinkofaname123 November 20, 2020
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Waiting and possibly nurturing the girl's "issue" until it passes, at which point you can persue her.

A girl who is too young for you has an attraction for you, but you can't do anything about it due to her age. So you "feed the pig" until she is older and then you allow her attraction for you to turn into something.

Origin: Came from the term "Feeding the pig" which is a situation in where you have a small pig that is useless to you, so you feed it and nurture it until it grows to a fat pig in which you then have a use for it.
Bill: Hey man, that girl wants me so bad. Too bad she's too young.

Tom: Why don't you just feed the pig until she's older?

Bill: Ya man, feeding the pig on this girl will pay off in the end.
by CMBC June 17, 2009
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A german way of saying to shag someone's girlfriend when the other person's streaming
Alright guys, I'm gonna be feeding the guinea pig soon,brb.
by DonnyDucky September 27, 2017
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