Fake cheater

Fee-see (like poop)

Somebody who cheats off of other people and doesn't let other people cheat off of them

A cheater who doesn't let others cheat

when a person who cheats and doesn't let people cheat off of them but the people they cheat off of always lets them cheat or can chose not to let that person cheat

or..some jerk in class who is a real jew bag, Jank when it comes to helping you out with an assignment. even know you help them when they ask for it

example: man Bill is such a Fe-see when i need help!
Tim: dude I forgot to do last nights homework..could I copy yours?

Carl: um...uhhh..welllll..ummm errr, im gonna have to be a real douche bag on this one, so... no Tim i cant let you copy

..next day..

Carl: oh man..i totally forgot to do last nights homework, Tim would you let me copy down some stuff off your work?

Tim: yeah go ahead

(Tim is T fresh)

Carl is a Fee-see
by Terra. January 11, 2008
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