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A boy or young man who wears a fedora, and is often seen drinking Mt. Dew, talking about Minecraft, and hating on "fucking sjw femnazis". They love memes, listen to Twenty One Pilots, and think that they are edgy when they make jokes about being "TRIGGERED".
Me: So, that was a little rude, what you said to me about being a r*tarded feminazi-
Fedora Boy: LOL!!!111!1!! Triggered feminazis!1!! Did I assume your gender??1!!1??1
by SophieThe Feared December 04, 2016
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a euphoric male wields the mighty fedora to demonstrate his superiority other his fellow men and gets all the girls
Guy 1: How did fedora boy get laid last night?
Guy 2: Because fedoras tun girls on.
by COREY February 17, 2015
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