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The act of jizzing out of the facehole. Such an act commonly occurs both publicly and privately, and usually leaves a significant amount of debris. The intensity of the fedelisk is determined by the amount of excitement by the person at the time.

Unlike regular jizzing, one can fedelisk multiple times in one sitting, such as during a very good movie, song, or similar form of entertainment. Fedelisking can also occur when one sees a very attractive mate. Since there are no symptoms of fedelisking, it is impossible to know when someone, even the victim him/herself, is about to fedelisk. Ask your doctor if fedelisking is right for you.
Susan: “This is my sister, Tanya.”
Ron: “HEH!”
Susan: “Euh, how about you clean that up.”
Ron: “How bout I Fedelisk, HHEEEEEH!”

Carl: “Ahh, who fedelisked all over Theater 2? Now I have to clean it.”
Dr. Jackson: “I think it was the homeless man who just left.”
by tothewillymobile August 11, 2011
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