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A spreading epedimeic for males ages 15-25. This tragic life altering FOON is caused by abstinence. The affects include but are not limited to the curvature of the male penis and shrinking of the male scrodum.

Can be prevented by: regular kinky monkey sex with dirty kinky sluts, eating out lots of pussies, and stimulating your shaft and anal canal simultaniously (@ the same time).
MOTO: get your groove on not your FOON on!

Racheal: "Let's have sex!"
Craig: "Yeee!"
Racheal: *pulls down craig's pants* "Eww is that shit a foon?!

Craig: "Yeah I have Fds (Foon Dick Syndrome)." *sad*
Racheal: "Lets fuck it back to normal!"
by yourslut February 10, 2011
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