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Typically a beautiful woman that anyone would have the pleasure on knowing. Common traits of Fawnns are being funny, smart, caring, and the perfect combination for sexy and cute. She can walk into a room and instantly brighten the mood with her wonderful personality and infectious laughter. Fawnns usually enjoy cold weather and gravitate to winter sports and feel right at home in the snow. Fawnns enjoy having an active social life and can be the life of a party, they enjoy cocktails or wine (white is preferred for a better buzz). Now when a Fawnn has a drink to many there is a transformation to Bambi. Bambi is a Fawnn with the volume turned up but a really good ass time. Fawnns can also be home bodies and enjoy a good show or sitcom, usually shows with crude humor.

If you are lucky to meet a Fawnn you will be amazed that she is one of nicest most caring, genuinely honest and up front person you will ever meet. If you are with a Fawnn just be sure to treat her like the love of your life. Treat her with respect, be honest with her, trust her, communicate with her, and just remind her what she means to you. If you do all those things you will get the same respect back in return and be a man that will have a perfect soul mate and have a wonderful partner to share the journey of life with. Also they are great kissers. Love your curves and all your edges.....All your perfect imperfections.
Fawnn Fawnn let's get it on

Oh shit fun Fawnn is here let's get this fuckin party started!
by Chardee MacDennis April 05, 2014
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