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Fauxnees are people most commonly millenials, born in the early 80s to mid 90s. In real life they appear to be dishonest or incapable of having real life relationships, seem to lack the ability to be intimate, and are often disguised as selfish or non present partners, and always come off polite or shy, but still give their loved ones the sense they are disliked, hated or dishonest. Really they are actually capable of the highest level of intimacy, love, honesty, devotion, and especially epic romance, but only if the relationship is sustained through phone contact and other devices and doesn't have too much real life interaction that might easily scare them away.
Pam: I think my boyfriend hates me or maybe he's cheating?
Kelly: no Pam, he's just a fauxnee, kick him out and then text him, see if you get better communication, or search some key words on Twitter maybe u will find some fake profiles of him talking shit about you to his new girlfriend"
by Nightcarlie April 08, 2018
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