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Faux Anal is a sex act that must be performed with a female with long hair who does not allow her male partner to have anal sex with her.

To perform the female partner lies naked on her back. She then lifts her hair up and over her head and covers her face, neck and upper chest. This gives the appearance that she is actually laying on her back and looking at the back of her head. The male partner then has vaginal intercourse while in this position during which time he uses his imagination that he is actually having anal sex .
Wayne: Hey Braaaa! Did you ever get your girlfriend to let you pound her poop shoot?
Leroy: No Braaaaa! But I got a work around.
Wayne: How's that?
Leroy: She lets me perform Faux Anal.
Wayne: You got a great imagination Braaaaa.
by Tugg N. Harder July 01, 2009
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