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A person who wants to be a vegan and wants to be known as a vegan, yet is okay with eating muffins that contain eggs and dairy. A faux vegan does not always read food labels. Also, a man who is probably an omnivore or a vegetarian, but says he is vegan to date a vegan woman who will not date a vegan man. This man thinks so highly of himself that he thinks the vegan woman will be so blown away by his charm that she will throw her convictions to the wind and date him even if he eats a steak in front of her.
Dax: Belle is hot. I am going to ask her out.
Avery: Belle will only date vegan men.
Dax: Oh, well I like vegetables and I don't eat that much meat.

Avery: A true vegan eats no animal products at all, including dairy, honey, and eggs. They also do not wear any animal products or use anything containing animal products or tested on animals. She does not want to date a faux vegan. I. on the other hand, am a true vegan as I refuse to contribute to animal suffering in any way. I will ask her out.
by Jane Doeski October 28, 2012
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