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The international celebration of eating unhealthy. It is held on April 18, created by Juliette Schull, Ariane Isaac-Bertrand, Mel Salihova, Samantha Lash, Denize Sadr, Giovana Pereira, Dalia Mosun and Amelie Martin. On this day, the goal is to eat as much unhealthy food as possible. Most will go grocery shopping on April 17, to be completely prepared to get fat. The first fatsgiving was held on April 18, 2018.
Ariane: Wait aren't you vegan?
Juliette: Not on fatsgiving...
by fatsgivingluvr April 18, 2018
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A fake "celebration" created by self-absorbed body freaks who need a reason to fill themselves up by eating badly for a day. The creators of this celebration are called the T team which is composed of Sam Lash, Juliette Shull, Denize Sadr and many others...
"I feel like we should stop making ourselves fat and then drinking some weird kale stuff and saying that we are vegan, claiming to be healthy... Wanna do fatsgiving?" Sam Lash

"Sure, what do we do?" Juliette Shull
"What we do everyday... eat a lot." Sam Lash
by Expect-asians May 28, 2018
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