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Fathology is a Religion, it is a religion where we believe in the almighty God, similar to Christians, but we don't bother try to make ourselves better people, and we don't bother follow anything from the Bible other then the "belive in God part" because I have made exstinsive research, and the Bible says "all you gotta do is believe and ask for forgivness to get into heaven" and we do, then we go back to the terrible people we were.
Daniel "Hey Reid whats up?" Reid "I'm just so moved by todays Church service!!!" Daniel "HA! you and I both know you don't really give a shit" Reid "...yeah you're right" Daniel " you should join Fathology! it's basically christian, but without the 'obeying the bible' part" Reid "I'll JOIN!!!"
by Daniel is God June 18, 2006
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