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An infectious viral disease that attacks the hosts body. Only 1 known symptom is extreme morbid obesity. Once infected a normal size person can balloon in size 2-3 times their original weight in a very short period of time. Often referred to as Devin Carleton Disease from the first diagnosed case this disease is rare and only 2 cases have been confirmed in North America as of 2013.
Look at that disgusting fat bastard over there. He must have Fatfuckititis!
by D. Carleton October 03, 2013
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a desease passed on from generation to generation from one lunch box to the next fat fuck!
A dangerous desease that can arrise from an obease consumtion number of cream puffs
AS peters cut in front of me at Old Country Buffet to help himself to another helping of golden brown mashed patatoes, I yelled at him, "Peters, i believe ur comin down with fatfuckitis"
by the wild bud snatcher September 11, 2003
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