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Fatbelly is the state of a stomach, tummy, gut, or belly that has been fed too many mormon treats and is now protruding past the 'healthy' barrier. Many times it is owned by an overly pampered prophet of an LDS ward or multiple wards. This happens when the congregation (in attempt to suck up) will bring the prophet cakes along with their first born daughters.

Some of you may ask "What's the difference between a Fatbelly, and a Fat Belly?"
Well, I'll tell you. The Fat Belly is a temporary state of eating too much. Most of the time the Fat Belly is of a religion OTHER than LDS. Fatbelly is a permanent state of being for the belly. It is unfortunate that upon birth, this belly was attached to an LDS member destined for higher stature. So permanent is the state, that the words Fat and Belly have merged into a single word... Never to be separated again.
Mike K.: Hiya Pump!!! Oh wait, you're not 'Pump'!
Mike Fish: No, Mikey, my Fatbelly is much to large and permanent for me to be 'Pump'.
Mike K: Duh!
Mike Fish: You're Fired! And don't clog the toilet on your way out!
by No Slot July 03, 2008
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