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FatMingElephantSkinBraceletsCarvedByBlindNunsEatingGrass originated in 3000BC when overweight, unnatractive blind nuns peeled the dead skin off their pet and or stray elephants to make bracelets and other various forms of clothing to ensure that they were not naked during the winter. They did this by picking grass through their teeth until it was strong enough to bind the elephant skin together.
Susan: 'Oh my God i love your bracelet where did you get it?'
Maria: 'My great aunt was a blind nun back in the 80's, she weeved the bracelet together from elephant skin and grass.'
Susan: 'What!?'
Maria: 'Haven't you heard of FatMingElephantSkinBraceletsCarvedByBlindNunsEatingGrass??'
by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009
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