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Fat and unattractive girls who try and validate their self esteem by sleeping with as many men as possible. This behaviour is usually accompanied by excuses such as "I was soooo wasted that night", as the fat skank tries to hide the fact that she slept with a man 35 years her senior.

Fat skanks will often try to comfort themselves by making jokes about more attractive people, and telling everyone that their problem is 'glandular'.

Fat skanks are often seen in tight clothing, trying to pretend that they can wear anything skinnier girls can. They are also commonly found posing, or trying to make other people believe they fit in with a certain scene, such as a group of emos or groupies. This behaviour is often met with much derision from others.
Christina is such a fat skank, she sleeps with the ugliest men as often as she can.
by hippohater001 July 13, 2010
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