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In the annuals of recorded history known as the Facebook news-feed one will typically notice several girls on you friend list using the "status update" feature to bitch about their lives. All women tend to complain, but in a case of specific fat chick aggression syndrome the complaints will have a typically "sharp edge", and will go beyond any of the normal bounds of conversation. For example, a normal case of female bullshit could involve a young gentleman or a failed exam, but unique to fat chick aggression is the consistent update of mental, social, and physical failure along with an implicit request for support. True sufferers should fire off one of these posts at least twice weekly.
These are examples of Facebook status updates where the term "Fat Chick Aggression" could be a good descriptor.

Amanda : My friend said that if your going to jump off a bridge set yourself on fire so we can all see it. I'm jumping off my bridge.

Shiloh : My dad once told me I failed to live up to his expectations.

Amber : My parents called me today. I don't think they understand ....

Kate : I can't believe how shitty life is. I just watched "The View", and there was someone on there basically saying that people with manic depression should just "suck it up". After watching the other lady on there I think I'm bipolar too. That guy was such a jerk!!!
by Darker May 16, 2011
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