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you know. the wanna be tuners from the Fast and Furious but aren't quiet as dumb to add a fart can and spoiler and start bragging about hey they whipped some other muscle cars ass.(but still do). these are the fellas that acutaly buy a fixer upper like a Eclipse, RX-7 , 240sx,etc.etc. and almost put a "little effort" into tuning it up, but go over kill on graphics and neons.. and by effort i mean K+N and Clutch if your lucky...but still the same dumbshits that cut there springs, add a "smaller" spoiler and a roll cage made outa 1.5-2 inch PVC
Roll up to the light and theres a"Fast and the Curious" fucker next to ya who thinks hes hot shit.
by renegadefab November 27, 2011
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