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french-american school of new york . it's more like a little family where everybody knows everybody. so if your weird, people WILL notice. when you go there, you usually make friends quickly, and they're forever lasting. You WILL have hair in your food, and you might have to learn some spanish to talk to the cafeteria ladies. Sports pretty much suck, except the varsity soccer team. Your gym teacher will be shorter than you all through middle school and high school. The school goes to tenth grade, so there's about 10 people in tenth grade because everybody leaves after 8th.
Most teachers had or have chirldren in the school. poor children.
School dances are fun when you have friends and know how to dance, which is not the case for everyone. The music is loud, the room iS HOT, AND the teachers have flashlights to prevent people from grinding and hooking up. u hav no liberty and u are told wat to do every step of the way..cant we get a lil air to breath?
fFor most people, when they look back at those fasny days, they know they had so much fun.
joe- What school do you go to ?
nicholas- I go to Fasny
joe- Where the hell is that?

by coucous August 30, 2005
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