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A fashion rat is a dog owned by someone purely to accentuate or enhance an outfit, look or style. These are mainly attributed to groups of mincers, widows, rich wags and rude boys.

Apart from the rude boy fashion rats these dogs are easily identified by being small and easily killed with a single kick and will piss all over there owner with a well timed loud and surprising shout. These half-dogs when carried are often like a third mincey arm waving around in an over-the-shoulder bum bag. They can also be described as yappa-type-dogs or pointless. These dogs however, are possessed with an amazing psychic link that activates upon ownership. This allows the owner the ability to express the dogs feelings and oppinions to the world through themselves. These dogs will always have names to match such as 'foo-fi' or 'mr shaky'.

The newest edition to the dog accessory range is the rude boy fashion rat, usually a mean, dangerous or illegal dog used to stop or cause trouble. Often attributed to small time dealers. These dogs also have apt names like 'biggie' or 'brep!'
Norm: Check out that mincey faggot ball's dog.

Linda: Thats not a dog its a Fashion rat.

Norm: I bet I can make it piss all over him.
by Boglin August 27, 2009
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