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When someone of lowest status attempt to gain the respect of others by ridiculing another person which they perceive as unpopular; typically the bullying is taken too far or in some other way results negatively for the instigator.
The Farva effects can be best described in the following scenario:

Joseph is small dweeby kid at school who is picked on continuously. Brian, however, is a "social retard" who wants desperately to fit in. One day, in an attempt to gain the popularity of those who Brian sees as admirable or popular, Brian grabs Joseph, punches him in the face, gives him a wedgie and nearly drowns him while attempting to give him a swirly before one of the football players comes to his rescue. Normally the football team likes to tease Joseph, but in this case Brian was seen as just a bully, and trying to make himself fit in - the result is that Brian is further ostracized as Brian looks cruel or desperate.
by 00Z October 10, 2011
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