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Farturbating, the less-acceptable version of the farting and masturbating incarnations (the other being Masturfaring), is when one elects to masturbate after they have already begun to pass gass (i.e. fart).

The order of these activities is crucial : If you are gassy (i.e. farting) and you elect to masturbate, you are Farturbating. Congratulations. If you begin masturbating and realize you are gassy, though continue, you are masturfarting. Also, congratulations.

For disambiguation, see FARTURBATING, and the sister activity, QUEEFURBATING
I was gassy, but didn't want that to prevent me from re-living my makeout sesh with Britney last night. I had to start farturbating
by MasturBATing September 26, 2010
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