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A Fart so intense that victims will taste it in their mouths. Eggfarts are the best example, but there are so many brands of fartsnack that it would be hard to list the many flavours of the rainbow that exist. Many "cooks" would agree that fartsnacks are best enjoyed after being served in the Dutch Oven, but most credit is due when more than one patron enjoy your scrumptious homemade snack from only one serving with no effort at all. Not to be confused with Scoopy Snack which is thrown in face or Dutch Oven which is forced inhalation. A fartsnack can often be enjoyed by more than one person with no effort at all sometimes in the case of eggstenuating circumstances, escape is not possible and there is nothing to do but enjoy the snack until there is none left to enjoy. LMFAO
A few seconds go by...
Jake: "OMG, Roll down the window that is so terrible."
Jamie: " I know I can taste it back here."
Jake: " I am positive that was the grossest tasting fart I've ever enjoyed, Mom."
Mom: "Come on guys you said to bring snacks for the road trip, I just happened to bring fresh fartsnacks.
Jodie(in Las Vegas on cellphone): "Wow, I didn't know smell could travel through a cell phone but even I tasted that one from here."
by Jacob Galloway November 26, 2013
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