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When someone farts, and someone else nearby (in the same room) tries to take credit for that fart.
Hey, I just cranked out a loud wet fart and that guy over there tried to fartjack it and take credit for himself. Damn fartjacker!
by smellyjanus January 12, 2010
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The act of being lazy, or not doing what one is supposed to be doing, such as at a job.
"Quit fart-jacking around Bill, if we don't get this work done we're going to be fired".
by Jeano-Beano May 26, 2018
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The act of covertly farting right after someone else has farted so the original farter takes all the blame.
I know my fart did not smell like that did, you just FART-JACK me.

Someone in this car just Fart-Jacked me because I know that wasn't me.
by Brain Giggles April 04, 2017
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