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1. General, all encompassing description for the release of several of any kind of fart in rapid succession. Similar in form to the Machine Gun Fart, though each blast is it's own entity - not one large fart broken up by the rapid opening and closing of an anal seizure.

2. A stacked release of farts, controlled or uncontrollable.


Caused a farting fit, like a metronome; After all that greasy food, every push produced a fart.

Fit of farts, uncontrollable; The more I laughed, the more I farted. I just couldn't stop!
Person A: "What the hell's wrong with Sally? She was laughing, then she shit her pants, then she started laughing and crying, then kept shitting her pants, then the crazy woman just up and left!"

Person B: "I don't know man, she just had a farting fit!"

Person C: "I know, right! But now my couch smells like the floor of a peep show.."
by finalphoenix March 01, 2014
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