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A complex language, consisting of many consonants and vowels squished into words. Many Americans say that it sounds like Arabic, but that is simply because they are ignorant and never have bothered to learn Arabic. There is a certain pattern to forming the words, with is very confusing; the reason why people of the average brain intelligence (and even slightly above-average) have extreme difficulty understanding it. Farsonians speak it, and though it is common throughout most parts of the U.S and some parts of Kuwait, the actual formula for forming the words is usually not shared publicly.
Person 1: ji! zapav basaf b'wabahajof!
Person 2: ..what?
Person 1: I said, "hi, you are a vagine" in Farsonian.
Person 1: (.....)
Person 2: *Strides off intelligently*
by nabasaz March 18, 2008
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