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Farndon is a small picturesque village outside the city of Chester in the UK. It is shit if you're below the age of two hundred and thirteen.
There are some beautiful views of the River Dee, as well as some buildings dating back to the 1500's. It is believed that some people in the village actually watched these being erected.
Farndon is the home village of Paul Burrell - Butler of the late Princess Diana. He and his wife own a flower shop on the high street. What a puff.
There are 3 pubs within 100 yards of each other. This is understandable as transport out of the village is few and far between. I mean what the FUCK man, no busses on sundays?! SORT YOUR LIFE OUT BUS COMPANY.
The local social club consists of a pool table and yet another bar. The best thing about the bowling green is the fact that sometimes there's sprinklers on.
There's also a small skatepark, where the fence around it restricts almost all movement.
Farndon is right on the England-Wales border, but luckily it is on the English side, so things could be worse.
"Hey shall we go to Farndon today?" "No."

"Hey did anything ever happen in Farndon ever?" "No."

"Hey you don't get out much, at all. Do you live in Farndon?" "Yes"
by i'mreallylazy. April 23, 2009
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