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A hipster who works on a farm, usually for slave wages, because it's "authentic." They can be often spotted on weekends at urban farmers markets, where they extol the virtues of home-made cheese and fresh vegetables like a glassy-eyed member of a religious cult.
That farmster was cute, but she wouldn't shut up about her garlic. She talked about it like some people talk about Jesus.
by Tom Tom Tommy N July 12, 2011
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a rather ratty motorcycle that no longer had a roadgoing purpose, pushed into service on the farms by a needy shepherd or the local lads to 'scramble' round the fields.
This has its origings in post war motorcycling typical of austerity during the late forties and fifties where usable farm transport was limited.

The only concession to making it more useable was worn military pattern tyres. This is now emerging as a desirable custom motorcycle style as folk look to the old styling for inspiration.
The shepherd is out in the hills on the old farmster to check on his flock
by Flying =m= April 10, 2012
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one who sees the population shifting back to urban dwelling and, therefore, invests in inner city commercial & multi-family real estate or urban infill because it's a very cool thing to do. In farming urban real estate, he/she tends to watch it grow and he/she likes it because he's/she's smart and he/she likes making money without having to actually work for it himself/herself. He/she also likes driving past his/her holdings and saying to their friends/parents/children "See, we own that".

The farmster, though somewhat ahead of his/her peers financially, maintains a rather humble demeanor. (May also own Berkshire Hathaway Class B shares that he/she got for his/her bar/bat mitzvah or 21st other words, not rich, but respectable).

NOT to be mistaken for a farmer with a hipster vibe. EVER.
"Jason thinks he's all that now that he's a farmster. He's totally into San Francisco multi-family."
by October 13, 2013
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