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A "Farmer Steve" is someone who has a deep infatuation with cows, cow milking, udders, teats, cud, leather and bondage. He is quite the shifty one, always "playing games" with his cows in the barn and pasture.

He frequently dons full leather while "servicing" his cows or domesticated bovines. He is also known on occasion to dress his cows in custom leather bondage. "Farmer Steves" also like to be physically restrained, as with cords or handcuffs, as a means of attaining sexual gratification. This role is often reversed on the cow.

When "Farmer Steves" are unable to locate a cow, they have been known to use an adult male bovine mammal (Bull) as a substitute .

"Farmer Steves" are also known on occasion to have a fascination with Ubuntu. This aids in less frequent system crashes than Windows, thus resulting in a faster response time when searching for new morally offensive acts.
"Look at that guy in the field with the cow! He's such a Farmer Steve!
by pstage May 13, 2008
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