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Farhin is as sweet-as-sugar! She is fun, friendly and sassy. If she gets insulted, she doesn't just stand there, she comes back with a wicked comeback that's makes people go like, "ooooooooh!" You DON'T want to get on her bad side! She can be a Drama Queen sometimes, but you'll love her! I you find her annoying, you need to open your eyes and realise that this girl is LIT!!! Stop waiting for the bus, and become bffs with a Farhin!!! They usually have warm milk chocolate coloured skin, dark brown eyes, long lashes, silky dark brown hair and a cute smile!
"Ugh, that girl is jarine! You seriously want to be her bff?!"

"That girl is a Farhin, duh I wanna be her bff, open your eyes and see her true colours!!!"
by Dylanne November 16, 2016
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