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Typically refers to a gangly, mangy creature, closely resembling a sheep in regards to its pale skin and off white hair. The Fargher dwells deep in the Urban Jungle and preys on young, innocent girls, not for feeding but for personal pleasure.

The Fargher's sole purpose in life is impregnation, specifically that of young girls, his prey. The name given to this act of impregnation by the Fargher community is 'Farghination' which roughly translates to 'action without remorse'.

Another facinating aspect of the Fargher is that of its eating habits. The Fargher posseses the 'power' if you will to devour any item of food whole (without chewing), whether it be a whole raw chicken, a packet of crisps (I have been told salt and vinegar is a particular delicacy)or that of any other food substance. Amazing.

As the Fargher is in a primitive state in regards to fellow humans. Civilised group consuption of food is absent. The Fargher must not be approached while eating, this may result in a viscious attack by the Fargher. Also, there is an apparent lack of manners while speaking to the Fargher, particularly while eating, do not be suprised when you do not recieve a 'please' or 'thank you'.

Also due to the Fargher's primitive ties, there is the natural desire to bash objects and thus make natural drummers. The Fargher's battle cry is reminicent of a deep growl or mid-pitched scream, it is hereby understandable why music which largely includes screaming is first choice.

The Fargher should not be trusted and thus avoided at all costs. Self preservation is second beneath impregnation. The Fargher is agile and dexteritous and thus a formidable foe, these attributes are why the Fargher is also sometimes referred to as 'Snake Hips'.

Ring the town bell, lock up your wives and grab the pitchforks! There is a Fargher on the loose and it has an incredibly healthy sperm count!
by Hose Fernandez July 03, 2006
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