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A Farfanugin is a type of home-made treat that consists of; Milk chocolate,

White chocolate,

Peanut butter than has been heated and melted into a liquid consistency,

1 cup of brown and white sugar,


and the option of your choice of flavoring extract.

Get caramel, and coat the inside of a rectangular baking pan, (any size) then stick Rice krispies to the caramel so they stick the sides of the pan.

Poor the mixture of sugary death into it, cover the bottom with more Rice Krispies to seal it over. Let it set in fridge for at least 1 or 2 hours until hardened.

Flip the pan over and carefully pry the giant lump of death out. Congratulations, you have a giant death cereal bar!! One bite and you'll throw up for weeks!!

A person can be a Farfanugin as well. A Farfanugin that is a person is someone so sweet or nice to you or to someone else, they make you sick.
"Mom made a great Farfanugin! I had to get my stomach pumped!"
"Man, that person is such a damn Farfanugin..."
by EvilDemonNeko December 13, 2014
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