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The Fapasaurous, also known as a "Fapasartous rex" is a large mammal found in caves all around north america. They generally feed off "Forum trolling" and "Internet porn" They make a shriek similar to a high pitched girl, and are usually found hiding out at star trek conventions.

Do not confuse said cave monster with the "Fupasaurous" as they sound similar, this is an entirely different animal.

- More common facts on the Fapasaurous is their large forearm, and grunting noise.
- They typically never mate, and it has reduces their population reduced dramatically.

- The location of a female Fapasaurous is almost non existent.
- Unlike most humans, the Fapasaurous reproductive organs have been in such heavy personal use, that they can last over 8 times longer the the typical male.
- Their reproductive organs are also generally 2-3 times larger then the normal humans.
by Icecreaman - spirestone October 05, 2010
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