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1. A fap explorer is simply one who explores, whilist fapping. A fap explorer has his mind open to all the things sexual. One minute he can be jacking off to my little pony, then switch to porn focused on ass, then go jack to gay porn at another time.

2. Someone who lowers the standards of their porn fetishes and/or want to see them in a different noun or style, and decides to explore the internet to find it.
Nomal Wanker :Dude whats your favorite type of porn?
Fap Explorer : I 'm a Fap Explorer, about everything is fine to me, but i dont check out anything related to torture porn or bdsm.

Normal Wanker: So you jack off to little kids you autistic fuck?

Fap Explorer I also dont fap to anything illegal you dumb cunt.
by The Fap Explorer May 22, 2016
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