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(slang) sanitary towel

Legend has it back in ye olde days that rags were literally used to mop up the lovely red blobby vaginal discharge as all those marvellous contraptions we have today with their wings, crystal cores and scents (usually floral)did not exist. Apparently, they were called fanny rags before the more 'socially acceptable' term of sanitary towel was coined.
SSSHHHIIITTT!! I'm flooding through, pass me a fanny rag.

Oooh, its like the bursting of the Aswan Dam down there, pass me a fanny rag.

I used to use twat rats, but they ain't all that when you bleed for seven days and don't die. I prefer fanny rags.

Fanny rags are great! If you ever spill a pint of juice, it will mop it up in seconds!! (This is true, I discovered this when I was 10. Fuck the claims Bounty kitchen roll makes, a fanny rag is far more effective)

I one saw a woman wipe her kids nose with a fanny rag at 'les pyramides' in Paris in 2006. That poor kid will soon realise in a few years that it wasn't 'some sort of special tissue'
by Master of Definitions June 18, 2008
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A sanitary towel, used for mopping up fanny spew.
I'm gonna pop to the lav honey, my fanny rag is drenched
by Sam February 28, 2004
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1) An individual bearing a physical/practical/philosophical resemblance to a failed menstrual defence instrument.
2) A disreputable publiation eg) Kerrang/Cuntrag/Fannyrag.
Och aye, tha Agnes i'a fannyrag
by Jimbo November 19, 2004
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