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1. Cunnilingus (UK)
2. Rimming (US)
3. When a girl lowers her wet pussy onto a mirror and leaves a smeared print of her pussy (UK)
4. When a girl sits on your face when you are asleep (UK)
5. When an ass is lowered onto your face whilst you are asleep (US)
Lie back darling and I want to give you a fanny kiss (UK)

Bring that brownstar here girl you in for a prime time fanny kiss (US)

Pauline was so hot she fucked her mirror and licked up her imprinted fanny kiss with wanton fucklust

Jeromy was awoken with the hot steamy smell of ripe pussy as Gloria gave him a morning fanny kiss (UK)

Brad was shaken out of his slumber with darkness pervading his consciousness and the taste of ass on his tongue - Hilary had just performed the perfect fanny kiss (US)
by BumcumberBudoola November 04, 2010
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