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fanny ˈfænɪ
n pl -nies Slang

1. Brit the female genitals

2. Chiefly US and Canadian the buttocks

fanny barrel 'faeni ˈbarəl


Slang term for a lot of lesbians in one place which makes it easy for an attractive one to find more than one partner.

fanny barreling 'faeniˈbarəl/ing


To attend a lesbian activity with the purpose of finding a better choice of partner/or more than one.
Example uses for Fanny barrel/barreling: 'finding a woman in this place, is as easy as shooting fannies in a barrel'
'I am going fanny barrelling tonight'
'I am a fanny barreller'
by Chief Fannie Barreler August 12, 2013
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