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An intense attack of anxiety experienced while watching your favorite TV show. Characterized by feelings of impending doom, and/or trembling, sweating, pounding heart and throwing things at your television set.
OMG. I had a total fanic attack when Lois disappeared through time halfway into the season eight finale of Smallville.
by Cyclonekat February 02, 2010
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1.) The state of immense panic and joy experienced when something occurs about which you are a fan. Examples include, but are not limited to, meeting one of your idols, seeing your favorite author came out with a new book, etc.

2.) A genderless substitute for words like "fangirling" and "fanboying"
I just saw that Karen Marie Moning's novel "Darkfever" is being made into a movie, and I had a total fanic attack.
by Liam212161 February 08, 2017
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