A bandwagon fan who actually knows nothing about a sports program or organization. Will just follow whoever is supposed to be the best that year.
"Hey, you're a Kentucky A fanboy."
"You were a Heat fan last year but Warriors this year? You're such a fanboy."
bandwagon fan
by FinEndNow May 02, 2015
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The best way to remember the seven coordinating conjunctions.
for and nor but or yet so spells FANBOYS
by hashtag_hashtag March 09, 2015
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Radlin, the greatest of the Dark and Light FAnboys. Ingores common logic for the greater purpose of making people think that DnL will be a good game.
Radlin almost killed himself when he was kicked out of the DnL beta for breaking NDA.
by Homeskillet February 08, 2005
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An insult toxic people call others when a person disagrees with them despite them being fanboys themselves
toxic person: "this game is dead"

normal person: "actually there is still millions of players who play the game on a daily basis"
toxic person: " shut up you're just a fanboy and cant accept the truth reeeeeeeeeeee"
normal person:"wtf?..."
by had2dewit2dem April 09, 2019
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A term used by losers of an argument when they have no valid option other than to try and discredit and dismiss their detractors through personal attacks. See Nazi, Racist, etc.
Joe couldn't defend the trash he posted so he called the people that destroyed his lies fanboys hoping that their statements would be ignored and his lies would be believed
by MortVent January 12, 2019
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A male person who is extremely into certain fandoms. Are sane compared to fangirls. Usually like yaoi if they like anime manga and video games.
That fanboy loves yaoi.
by EdgeworthFucker July 01, 2011
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