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Pronunciation - (Fin-nad)

Fanade is a word from early Italian history which means "to sexualize" something or someone. This word has been around for a long time but has only been recently used as a slang term to joke about sexualization in media without the other party knowing what the hell they are even talking about. It was originally used by Italian men to court their lovers as an early form of a pick up line. Nowadays, children whom have no meaning in their life use this as a slang term because of course, America can turn any culture into a slang term.
Smart Guy: Did you know that fanfiction means to sexualize something that is fake?

Intelegent Guy: What are you on about, I told you to stop taking those drugs.

Smart Guy: No really! 'Fan' comes from the root word 'fanade,' which means to sexualize something or someone, it was often used to court italian lovers as an early form of a pick up line. Also no! Addiction has been the best thing in my life since my girlfriend left me.

Intelligent Guy: Man, even if you're super stoned right now I think you have a point, those things are really sexualized.
by DanielBProduction June 13, 2018
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