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Famoush is a social phrase, used in common life as a verbal response to cheerful feeling you experience when something positive spontaneously happens to you. It's meaning is similar to expressions yes!, perfect!, super!, great!, thank you! etc.

In daily life when negative situations happen to people, they usaully react verbally with words shit, fuck, damn. Famoush is the opposite of these phrases. It helps people to notice more positive situations in their lives. It makes you feel better, it cheers you up.

Famoush basics rendering to optimism, positive thinking, fun and good mood.
When you find a 5 bucks on the ground - "Famoush!"

When you drop something, but nothing is broken - "Famoush!"

When you get good news - "Famoush!"

When you are bored and someone calls you out - "Famoush!"
by Kvothe November 18, 2012
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