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The relationship you share between your family. Almost the same thing as friendship but much closer.
Since Quinn and Olivia are related they not only have a friendship, but a familyship.
by roburnsinerney July 20, 2011
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Familyship: A rare disorder caused by a unique bond among a group of friends (normally where 2 or more are gathered together) in which the involved parties develop the delusion that they are blood related.

Familyships: The self-identified term given to groups of people diagnosed with familyship

There have been reported side effects of familyship including but not limited to; obsession, extreme levels of co-dependency, an unwillingness to admit toxicity, access laughter or joy even during times of grief. Some more server familyship sufferers have even taken on the responsibility of raising each other's children as if they were their own.

Recent studies have revealed evidence that points to familyship being hereditary. In one unpublished study of over 1000 diagnosed familyships, an overwhelming majority were found to have had one or more parents who were willing to open the doors of their home to others who needed aid. Although the research behind familyship and the totality of its effects is still in its infancy, many familyship scientists believe that the disorder could be triggered by one or more of the individuals having a predisposition towards vulnerability and weakness. Once a member of the group reveals a weakness, familyship sufferers prey on that weakness with their relentless compassion and personal sacrifice.
"If we invite that family you know we'll have to invite the other."
"Yeah, it's sad what familyship can do to a community."
by intherhyme June 04, 2019
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