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An orgy that involves the use of certain foods, like corn on the cob, hot dogs, and/or sausages
Dude, I was over this girl's huge Fourth of July party, after a few drinks, a total family barbeque broke out! I had ketchup all over me!
by Pienipples May 29, 2011
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A term coined in the early 1920s that expressed ones interaction with another family. In order to fulfill a family barbeque one must chow down on the sister’s pussy for breakfast, have a serving of dick from the brother, and have dinner with the rest of the family like it never happened. A family barbeque can also be performed on a mother and father, son and mother, etc; as long as it is a pair of family members. If you so happen to have a family barbeque with a gay couple it is then known as the indoor family barbeque.
Dude ya know the Johnsons that live down the street on Willow Creek? I had the most amazing family barbeque with em!
by SecretCheeks June 07, 2018
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