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An adult male singer with a voice that broke at puberty, as it should have done, who uses a singing-technique called "Falsetto"- (or False voice, to the non-singer), employing a very high, light, sweet-sounding, breathy quality, in order to sound like a woman, when he sings. Most such singers' Falsetto ranges are normally pretty much equivalent to a female Mezzo-soprano- (the middle female vocal-range), with regards to tessitura- (overall range), and timbre- (vocal sound-quality.) Not to be confused with the Countertenor, who's able to sing in the exact same vocal-range naturally, without having to put it on!
Well-known Falsettists include Phil Bailey from the Seventies band, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Barry Gibb from The Beegees.
by Joe_Schmuck February 01, 2017
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