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The strange phenomenon resulting from two people who do not like each other but have mutual friends being forced to be in the same room. As neither person want to cause a fraction with in the group both try to keep the piece, however rather than just being civil with one an other they become overly nice and complimentary.
Amy: Oh my god I absolutely love your new shoes.
Sarah: Really? Thank you, I love your dress!

Behind the others back

Sarah: That dress makes her look like a pregnant care bear. F**king Bitch!
Amy: Oh my god did you see her shoes she looks like a street walker. Slut!

Lauren: Sarah and Amy are haveing false off again, what do we do
Hannah: Oh just leave them to it hopefully they'll scratch eachothers eyes out and I wont have to hear them bitch anymore.
by madgie August 13, 2010
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