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"False relapse" is a transpiration of the cerebral nerve forgetting one thing and thus, relating to the former phrase or inculcation. False relapse is a typical error in social media, should it be considered one. People who experience false relapse tend to go into an unbreakable, slight tenacity. False relapse may coincide chronologically or irrationally, which are the two major figments of false relapse. Usually, false relapse is exhibited by postdate text (See e.g. 1).

False relapse is only an occurrence, and it poses no threat. If frequencies of false relapse do appear, however, it is known as, "acute false relapse".
False relapse, postdate: "I like to read books. Books are informative. I like to read books.
False relapse, chronological: "I don't mean to debate, but it seems people tend TO
TO care about money from pseudo-dramatic content than stopping war and keeping tranquil."
False relapse, irrational: " I am twenty "yo" years old." "Your spelling needs improvement, but evermore, your fine." "(Explicit language repeated incoherently)"
by Ninja of Logic August 22, 2014
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