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To Falcon-crow is a sexual maneuver, often used by couples who want to be sexually adventurous.

After Falcon-crowing, it is usual to tell your significant other that you love them. This attempts to remove the disgust and distress caused by falcon-crowing.

To perform the Falcon-crow, ensure that the lights are off and you are both consenting adults. If not, ensure both parties sign and legal weavers which imply consent. Both parties should drink plenty of water and not have a full stomach. Cramp can occur after more than 10 minutes.

Falcon-crowing usually results in both parties no longer wanting to engage in further sexual exploration as they are either too soar or the cost of plucked feathers was too costly.
Red: How can I satisfy my wife in bed? She wants to be interesting.
Blue: Just Falcon-crow a bit and tell her you love her.
Red: Ka-kaw, Ka-kaw.
by Imoutthere. March 11, 2014
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