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Fakeland- a slur against Lakeland, because it sucks balls. its inhabited by posers and wanna be's. this place is SWARMING with them! there are cases of "preps" trying to go "emo/goth", by dying their hair, wearing skinny jeans, wearing all black, getting pierced, and claiming that they cut themselves. "emos" hanging out with "red necks", they are enemies, they'd never be seen talking or interacting with one another. there are "rednecks" heard screaming rock songs. what the hell people? TRUE "rednecks" listen to country. there are also,"emos" going "prep". O.K., seriously people, "emos" and "preps" are also enemies. the only way they interact with each other is giving one another dirty looks (glaring), calling names, and other stuff. this place is going to hell. my friends and I noticed this when there was an increase in the so-called "emo/goth" population at our school, and decrease in "prep". they are just copying us (they in fact do NOT cut themselves, or think like an "emo/goth", they think being like that takes clothing and make up, it doesn't, you have to think and feel "emo", to be an actual "emo") we are the original "misfits" or "emo/goths" at our school, without us, there would be no awesome "emo corner" in the 8th grade area or the gym.
Rory: GOD!! THIS PLACE SUCKS ASS!!! Savannah: I know right, look at all the posers, and wanna be's. Rory: seriously! look, there goes that one whore. wait, wasn't she a UBER "prep" last year? Savannah: yeah, she was, wow, she is such a poser! true "emo/goths" would never wear a bright red ribbon in their hair. Rory: true. why are all the "preps" copying us?...................... whores. Savannah: this place truly is Fakeland! *both shake their heads at the poor, confused, shitty haired, "prep", do emo hair flips, pick up their books, fix their black jackets, and they walk away, into the darkness of the corridor.
by FO' SHIZZLE, MY NIZZLE! November 01, 2009
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