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The social retard trolls on YouTube, LiveLeak, Metacafe, etc., who have an incontrollable impulse of posting "FAKE!" at on the "Comments" section for every video imaginable. These people are obviously devoid of the concept of reality. They're close cousins of those who post, did he die? on Failblog.
"I'm sick of Fake-tards taking over Failblog and posting 'FAKE!' on every other comment. Thank God I can click 'Spam' on their dumb asses"

Typical Fake-tard comment:

"Totally gay and fake, that liquor store shooting footage was staged. "
by Dr. Claw February 12, 2010
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N. Used to describe someone who is extremely fake, 2-faced, and possesses the intelligence of a mentally-retarded person.
Kenny's sudden 180-degree turn of 2-faced betrayal by stabbing his girlfriend in the back; along with his arrognorance & his explosive temper, infantile tantrums) make him a total faketard.
by IsntWhoItWouldBe October 25, 2017
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