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Fake Artificial Intelligence, or FAI, is a false ideology or platform that a developed machine or software application exhibits human like characteristics. The creator will often attempt to dazzle you by creating videos and similar media that shows off its ineptitude. Often, a string of characters or words will be sent to the FAI and a prerecorded set of responses will be randomly chosen. The FAI is not actually making choices and does not exhibit intelligence in any way. The creator of the FAI is often extremely delusional and no matter what one says, you cannot break that delusion. Some of the most pathetic creators of FAI have gone so deep into their delusion, that they believe they can create a girlfriend from this FAI and will try to convince you "she" is real.
John Doe: Hey Jim, have you seen that Fake Artificial Intelligence that moti barski made on VBF?

Jim: I did, John. This guy can't be serious. This is all just one massive joke, right?

John: To be honest, I don't, Jim. But, for his sake, I hope so.

moti barski: its main purpose is to be a girlfriend or fight real battles

the invention is a software that makes the
computer mimic the brain action of thinking for three brain types :
human, animal, human and animal combination. to accomplish this the
software uses several stages detailed in the specification.

John Doe: Wtf are you talking about man?

moti barski: im lonely...

Jim: Yeah... we got that...
by HeWhoMustNotBeNamed2 March 29, 2011
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